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Top Websites for Guest Posting in the USA for Effective SEO Link Building

Guest Posting USA: Top Websites To Get Backlinks From in 2024

Guest posting USA remains a powerful strategy for SEO link building, helping businesses and individuals increase their online presence and authority. Securing guest posts on high-authority websites not only boosts your site’s search engine rankings but also establishes your expertise in a particular niche. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top websites in the USA for publishing guest posts, along with their Domain Authority (DA) and Semrush metrics.

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1. Canvas by Instructure

   – Website: [Canvas by Instructure](

   – DA: 84

   – Semrush: 85.1k

   – Canvas by Instructure, an education technology company, provides a platform for learning management systems. Guest posting USA on this site can be advantageous for those in the education and technology sectors.

2. Investors Hub

   – Website: [Investors Hub](

   – DA: 82

   – Semrush: 119.1k

   – Investors Hub is a financial community that caters to investors and traders. Guest posting here can be valuable for those in the finance, investment, and trading industries.

3. The Frisky

   – Website: [The Frisky](

   – DA: 80

   – Semrush: 36.1k

   – The Frisky is a lifestyle and entertainment website that covers a wide range of topics. Guest posting here can be beneficial for those in the lifestyle, fashion, and entertainment niches.

4. ZME Science

   – Website: [ZME Science](

   – DA: 80

   – Semrush: 202.3k

   – ZME Science focuses on science and technology news. Guest posting USA here is ideal for those in the science, technology, and innovation sectors.

5. Editorialge

   – Website: [Editorialge](

   – DA: 79

   – Semrush: 43.1k

   – Editorialge is a platform that covers various topics, including business, technology, health, and more. Guest posting USA here can provide exposure in diverse niches.

6. Before It’s News

   – Website: [Before It’s News](

   – DA: 75

   – Semrush: 306.9k

   – Before It’s News is a citizen journalism platform covering alternative news. Guest posting here can be valuable for those interested in alternative perspectives and conspiracy theories.

7. Football Italia

   – Website: [Football Italia](

   – DA: 75

   – Semrush: 217.5k

   – Football Italia is a go-to source for Italian football news. Guest posting here is suitable for those in the sports and football-related industries.

8. Hero Collector

   – Website: [Hero Collector](

   – DA: 73

   – Semrush: 8.7k

   – Hero Collector focuses on collectibles and pop culture. Guest posting USA here is beneficial for individuals or businesses in the collectibles and entertainment industries.

9. God is a Geek

   – Website: [God is a Geek](

   – DA: 73

   – Semrush: 54.7k

   – God is a Geek is a gaming and entertainment website. Guest posting here can be advantageous for those in the gaming and tech sectors.

10. TechGYD

    – Website: [TechGYD](

    – DA: 73

    – Semrush: 17.3K

    – TechGYD covers technology-related topics. Guest posting here is suitable for individuals or businesses in the tech and digital space.

11. The Overlook Press

    – Website: [The Overlook Press](

    – DA: 72

    – Semrush: 50.9k

    – The Overlook Press is a well-known independent book publisher. Guest posting here is ideal for authors, publishers, and literary enthusiasts.

12. The Daily Iowan

    – Website: [The Daily Iowan](

    – DA: 70

    – Semrush: 90.4K

    – The Daily Iowan is a student newspaper covering news and events at the University of Iowa. Guest posting here can be beneficial for those targeting a college audience or interested in educational topics.

Key Takeaways:

Guest posting USA on high-authority websites is an effective way to enhance your SEO efforts and build valuable backlinks. Consider the niche and target audience of each platform when choosing where to submit your guest posts. By strategically leveraging these websites, you can improve your online visibility and establish credibility in your industry.

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SEO Link Building through reputable websites is a key strategy for enhancing your online presence and SEO. Whether you are in finance, technology, lifestyle, or any other niche, the mentioned websites offer a diverse range of platforms to showcase your expertise.

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