Content Writing

What is Content Writing?

It is a skill to create, edit, and plan web content principally for digital marketing purposes. This writing prowess can be anything that we read online. It encompasses articles, blog writings, podcasts, and video scripts. Content for social media, like posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also involves this art. It demands proper grip on the English language, and some techniques that we will discuss later on. A genuine and creative writing specimen attracts more audience and, consequently, more reading time for a particular post. It fulfills the purpose of focusing more eyes on the respective website. It is simple and the most used mode of communication.

A content writer produces different types of written material to display on the website. These writing samples are SEO optimized and help fetch more audiences to the subjected website. He is well aware of the fact that the first impression would make it, or break it for their business. So, he puts more emphasis on this part of the writing.

How to Produce Compelling Content?

A compelling piece of writing is the one that is SEO friendly. Such content makes sure that the search engine puts this content on the top while a user searches online. Smart SEO content writing services cover the following qualities to come up with compelling writing.

Customer is the Priority

As we know the business rule, the customer is the power. The same goes even for the digital world. Users will only come to a particular website if it offers them appealing and acceptable content to them. From the start, it should be able to hold their attention and hold them there for as long as possible. More staying time on the site is another plus point for the website. So, content must be long enough so the customer could stopover and find what he is after. More time spent on a website is a signal that this particular site keeps promising content.

It must be simple

Whatever you write, it should be simple and easily comprehendible as no one is interested in what the writer’s degrees are. Readers are interested in the information they find. So, the more they get that the desired information, the more they stay on your website.


SEO is the technique that ranks your work higher on the search bar. It is a crucial thing to keep your business in the tip-top position. Quality of content and the keywords used in it determines the online worth of the website it shows on. Valuable and high-performing content only hits the required targets when optimization works in the background. SEO content writing includes all these tools while preparing the subjective material.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the demanding marketing nowadays. A lot of bloggers and influencers are earning through it. They promote the products of the brand and get commission on every sale. There are a lot of different websites that are also doing affiliate marketing for brands.

Digital marketing companies use all these channels to increase their brand awareness and sale of products. They must need all these channels to maintain their digital marketing business. There are several objectives that digital marketing company must have to fulfill. These include enhancing the online activity, do the market analysis, and merge all the platforms and profiles.

Catchy Material

Research shows that the average attention span of humans has shortened to 8 seconds. So, if a writing piece manages to capture the reader’s eye for this much time, the chances are more that he will stay for more time on your page.


Use of literary terms and literary styles now and then also makes it too dry to understand. Yes, such techniques do make it captivating, excessive use of these devices in website content writing with little to no valid information renders it useless. It means, if the audience doesn’t get the thing they are here for, surely, they are not going to pay a visit to your site again.

Content Writing Services

Different digital marketing companies provide different digital marketing services. But their major services are always the same. The major services include SEO, Pay per click (PPC), social media advertising, conversion rate optimization (CRO), website design, website development, and others. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps in increasing the website or webpage visibility. So, more traffic comes on the website. Digital marketing will progress with the increase in traffic. Conversion rate optimization (CRP) helps in increasing the percentage of the users who visit the website. It involves the understanding of users with which they visit the website and the actions they perform.


If one asks about the most effective method of communication, by far, it is the storytelling. The tone, style, and language of every story are different. The same goes for content creation. A unique piece of writing always lures more readers and enhances the online presence on your site. It is a valuable tool to convey your message and grow your business through it.

Shareable Material

If the audience can access your site in the first place, they would share it with other people as well. On the contrary, if your work is not showing online, what is even the point of producing it? There is a plethora of such material online that that exists but as a dead one. That is the point where content writing services pay their role to manage the content as an optimized one.


Attracting profitable customers to your site is the end goal of your business. If it is not happening, you are wasting your time and money. Devboat tech keep the team of professional content writers that know every minute detail of this art. They would love to work alongside you to let your business grow by leaps and bounds.

Some commonly used formats to write content

It is a vast field with a range of writing patterns. Some of the patterns are listed below with a brief description.

  • Blog writing- in blog content writing, an informational website or online journal contains information on any topic we can think of. This data stays in the reverse chronological order in which the newest comes first.
  • Article writing- is the form of written material that writers plan for a big audience. These excerpts are then published in magazines, newspapers, or journals.
  • Bios- are biographies that are written to introduce a person. Writers also write their bios to improve their profiles.
  • Landing pages- are created to land more attention to the audience by offering something captivating while they are on your website. Examples are subscription offers or lucrative ads that appear on the front.
  • Press release writing- is a brief document. It is sent to editors or journalists who could use this information to write news articles.
  • E-books- are the books written in soft form. Online copies can be acquired from the stores that have Copywriter rights.
  • Newsletter writing- different websites send a regular newsletter to the people who have visited their sites and filled the landing pages. It is a form of advertisement.

Social Media Posts- are the posts on social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, etc. it also advertises a particular product.

Copy Writing bs Content Writing

As the name indicates, both writing styles are about creating content for online websites, but there is a difference in the purpose writers devise them for. Some of these differences are discussed below.


The primary goal of any business is to sell your products. In this feat, the more crafts you use, the better it goes for you. This particular writing niche focuses on short-term direct goals with huge returns. Ads, sales emails, sales letters, and PPC landing pages are some of its applications.

Creative copywriters figure out the compelling headlines and CTAs to lure users for buying products. Products links and a short description is added in the body content that does not look like proper ads, but works the same way.

If a copywriter manages to ignite a desire to buy a particular product in the user’s heart, he has perfectly done his job. Thousands of people get influenced, and many of them would buy the product. That is copywriting.

Content Writing

It is a broader term that encompasses different types of writing patterns, for example, articles writing, blog writing, newsletters, or social media posts writing. It could be ghostwriting, brand journal, technical writer, email writing, scriptwriting, long-form content writer, and ad and promo writer.


The bottom line is that creating content is not enough anymore. It must be good enough to help you grow your business. Make sure that the content you’ve devised is consistent, engaging, readable, and easily findable. If you have managed to carve your work around these credentials, you are good to go on the road to glory.

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High DABlogger Outreach

To have a rich guest posting army by your side is the foolproof way of turning your SEO dreams into reality. SEO is one of the least transparent gears of digital marketing, a niche, we excel at, thanks to our 10+ years of the professional journey. We are excited to offer you a helping hand to score the highest rankings in the google search query through our unmatched guest blogging services.

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