Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is also known as Internet Marketing. Because the internet is a major resource that is used in digital marketing. But digital marketing can also take place through games, ads, and smartphone applications. All the digital and online-based technologies are used in this. These technologies include mobile phones, desktop computers, laptops, and other technologies. Brands and companies use these technologies to promote and sell their products. Digital marketing has now become very much famous because of its benefits. We are living in an era where people don’t have enough time to go to the shops physically, because of their busy lifestyle. So, digital marketing is the best alternative for this. There are now more new strategies in digital marketing. Because it has changed the concept of using technology for marketing.

Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency is the agency that helps any brand and company to set their digital marketing goals. They can also handle it in-house. But, usually companies like to contact with these agencies, because they do not have them in-house. These agencies help them to promote their products on the internet by using several channels of digital marketing. Digital marketing has different channels like Website marketing, Pay Per Click advertising, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, video marketing, SMS messaging, SEO, data reports, lead generation, and others. This one single agency can handle all the tasks related to digital marketing on the web. The major purpose of contacting digital agency is to build customer’s trust, and use new technologies to increase the sale. They choose the best online platform for increasing sales and manage the website traffic and marketing activities. You do not need these agencies for once, but you need them throughout your business life. They usually appoint one of their team member for your company. He will update you about everything regarding your website, sales, and progress of business through emails, meetings, and reports. When the digital marketing agency understands your goals, operations, functions, and needs then a plan will be created. It is called Digital marketing plans.

Digital Marketing Channels

We have shortly discussed the digital marketing channels above. These channels are the basic
building block of digital marketing. Here they are discussed briefly:


Website Marketing

A website is the major need for running any digital or online business. It represents the brand, products, and services.

Content Marketing

Content marketing also used to reach people through content. For this purpose, websites are used. Because content is published on the website and target audience through social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best ways of gaining social appreciation and trust. It helps the brand and companies to recognize themselves in the social media world.

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is one of the very productive way of digital marketing. For this purpose, marketers send e-mails to the targeted audience to get in touch with them. A lot of famous brands also use this method. They keep updating their audience regarding their new products, policies, and services.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

In pay per click advertisement, brands and companies reach the customers and targeted people through paid ads. They just start the campaign on different social media platforms and show the ads of specific products to people who are interested in them.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the demanding marketing nowadays. A lot of bloggers and influencers are earning through it. They promote the products of the brand and get commission on every sale. There are a lot of different websites that are also doing affiliate marketing for brands.

Digital marketing companies use all these channels to increase their brand awareness and sale of products. They must need all these channels to maintain their digital marketing business. There are several objectives that digital marketing company must have to fulfill. These include enhancing the online activity, do the market analysis, and merge all the platforms and profiles.

Digital Marketing Services

Different digital marketing companies provide different digital marketing services. But their major services are always the same. The major services include SEO, Pay per click (PPC), social media advertising, conversion rate optimization (CRO), website design, website development, and others. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps in increasing the website or webpage visibility. So, more traffic comes on the website. Digital marketing will progress with the increase in traffic. Conversion rate optimization (CRP) helps in increasing the percentage of the users who visit the website. It involves the understanding of users with which they visit the website and the actions they perform.

Digital Marketing Strategy

A functional and productive digital marketing strategy is a basic need for any online business. If a company doesn’t have good strategies, then they couldn’t compete in the world of online businesses. There are some strategies mentioned below that will help in running a successful online business:

  • Set your goals.
  • Understand customer’s requirements.
  • Research about the market and competitors.
  • Use social media platforms for advertising.
  • Create a proper team.
  • Do different types of campaigns like email campaign.
  • Publish blog posts.
  • Interact with customers.
  • Make videos.
  • Remarketing.

Digital Marketing Consultant

A digital marketing consultant is the person who creates the digital marketing strategies and digital marketing plans. He is a professional marketing consultant who knows how to use and implement strategies and met the high organization’s goals. He doesn’t deal with all the features of advertising. He just focuses on the existing business model of the company and make strategies according to it. Here are some major responsibilities of a digital marketing consultant:

  • Search new ways and opportunities for businesses to grab the attention of existing and new customers.
  • Upgrade the company and business’s brand so that it can match the customer’s needs and expectations.
  • Evaluate all the existing marketing strategies like email marketing, SEO marketing, social media marketing and others to create more functional marketing techniques.
  • Try to improve client communication and engagement through marketing campaigns.
  • Coordinate all the platforms of the content like blogs and website landing page.
  • Research and optimize all the webpages and add new keywords for the ranking of the website.

Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager is responsible for the brand awareness and promoting products and services through implementing and controlling all the marketing campaigns. He is responsible for brand awareness on all the digital platforms and measure and control all the traffic on the website. He supervises all the other professionals who are working in his team. He usually reports to VP (vice president) or director. Here are some responsibilities of digital marketing manager:

  • Manage social media marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, and email marketing.
  • Communicate with the clients.
  • Design the marketing strategy.
  • Scan the implementation of the plan.
  • Tell the clients about the interesting strategies.

Digital Marketing Specialists

A digital marketing specialist’s goals and duties are the same as a marketing professional. He is the person who works with the company’s marketing team. They use the latest technology platforms for effective communication. They work to start online marketing campaigns and convert the business objectives into reality. They are responsible for developing the strategies for marketing and promoting the product online.

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