Graphic Design

What is Graphic Design?

It is a craft to convey your message through visual content. Graphic designers apply visual hierarchy and page layout techniques to display a specific illustration. They use typography and pictures to present different interactive designs. All these elements optimize the user experience.

The horizon of graphic design goes beyond just combining text and pictures. It is a way of communicating a message visually. Each project of graphic design is unique and poses specific information. It is all about expressing the idea in the form of visual art that is always appealing to human instinct. In this sense, graphic designing concerns about aesthetic appeal and marketing.

What are the applications of Graphic Designing?

Designs are everywhere around us. Just look around you, the cup you take tea in, the news you watch, and the bed sheet you are laying on, everything involves design. Either we realize it or not, designs craft the most of our surroundings.

Generally, it covers a wide range of activities that include:

  • Film and television title and cover
  • Clothing designs
  • Corporate designs (advertisements, posters, logos, labels, signs)
  • Packing (book covers, greeting cards, etc.)
  • Publication designs (printing materials, magazines flyers, business cards, books)
  • Marketing and advertising design (Website layouts, infographics, Software interfaces, mobile apps, etc.)

Components of Graphic Designing

In addition to the described aspects that lie under the roof of graphic designing, there is a plethora of information that designers keep into account while making different designs. These aspects are as follows:

  • Symmetry and Balance

The symmetrical and balanced picture always looks good to see and to comprehend.

Symmetry reflects the visual quality of repeating parts that combine to form an image. It extends across an axis or a path around a corner. On the contrary, asymmetry refers to the patterns that are neither balanced nor symmetrical.

Balance denotes the concept that the design weighs equally throughout the composition.

  • Flow

Flow leads the eye from one part of the composition to the other. So, it works for movement and direction. It also renders an effect that drives attention for a particular period. More visual weight sticks the eye on a place for more time.

  • Pattern

It refers to the repetition of a simple or complex design throughout the picture etc. A perfect combination is the one that contains all the patterns in symmetry.

  • Repetition

The repetition of design gives the whole image a unified look. We can call it the consistency of design.

  • The rule of third

It contains three rows and three columns of design. The points where these vertical and horizontal columns meet are the places focal points should be.

Designers put the focal points at each intersection to make it more striking.

  • Golden ratio

It is also known as the golden ratio and golden mean. To create a golden mathematical ratio for grids, designers divide it into a proportion of 1to 1.618. it makes it easier to work.

  • Identification of the audience

Clients are the power of any business. In graphic designing, marketing experts target the audience that helps them make an effective marketing strategy.

  • Typography

Typography is the art of adjusting the text within the design. Experts in this field arrange a typeface in various combinations of font, size, and spacing.

  • Colors/ Contrast

It is to emphasize a particular aspect of the design. It highlights the parts that need to be stressed and suppresses the less important ones, all through contrasting the colors.

From these elements, it is clear that graphic design considers the user experience as the only priority. It targets users’ visual processing abilities through lucrative animations. So, it hits the emotional area of the human brain that responds to beauty and aesthetics that is our basic instinct. A smart graphic designer must possess a firm understanding of how color theory works on human perception.

For instance, they use red color for alerts, and green color for notifications, that shows proceedings.

  • Design

The font or design of the text also matters a lot. For exciting news, sans-serif font works wonders.

The major types of Graphic Designs

From print to web design, and from animation to motion pictures, it finds its roots. As described earlier, we can not think of any field of life around us that is free of graphic design. Any interest we can imagine involves this craft.

Have a look at some of the major types of graphic designs.

  • Motion graphic design

Also known as animation, it shows life in motion. T.V. shows, movies, and video games are its examples.

  • Website design

It takes care of the color scheme, navigation, and overall layout of a website. It helps designers craft unique and engaging web pages.

  • User experience

Here, the focus is on usability, desirability, and adaptability. Experts make sure to provide their users with a satisfying experience.

Graphic Designing Tools

Experts in this field use different graphic software to arrange various elements to form the final visual look. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In Design, and adobe photoshop are among they use the most.

  • Pixlr

It is a free online photo editor that can be accessed directly through your browser. It offers highly intuitive photo editing that uses all the tools to provide quick and professional edits.

  • Adobe photoshop

It involves hundreds of special editing tools and filters. They adjust photographs and other image files to come up with a composed and appealing one. Adobe photoshop is outstanding software for graphic editing and to create digital art.

  • Adobe illustrator

It supports well-sophisticated vectors and also capable of producing scalable art. Designers use adobe illustrator to carve infographics, icons, and similar relatable pieces.

  • Adobe InDesign

This software takes care of the frame-based layout program to compose a picture etc.

  • Visual CSS tools

You can customize any page, picture, or theme without coding. Just click on the subjected element, and start editing. Adjust positions, sizes, fonts, colors, and a lot more visual settings with this easy to use editing tool. Get more than 60 style properties to design your website.

Some of the budget alternatives to standard applications

Some open-source alternatives to these standard applications are also present online that designers on a budget can use. Examples of these alternatives are as follows:

  • GIMP
  • Inkscape
  • Scribus


A recent study presented the fact that the average attention span has decreased from 12 to 8 seconds, as was the case in 2000. That is quite a surprising finding. To come up with a marketing idea to sell or advertise your product demands some gutsy ideas that nothing can offer but smart graphic designing. It is always advisable to hire a competent graphic designer if you hope to be a leading brand in the market. It is not possible without updated and creative skills in this race.
The world around us is full of a plethora of visual spectacles in case we notice it or not. Instagram, one of the largest social media networks in the world, features visual content font and is home to a million dollars industry. Facebook, on the other hand, has become a business place that is full of graphic content. Devboat technologies possess a team of experts to help you prosper your business with unmatched expertise in this field of the digital world. So, what is holding you back? Take our team of devoted and professional designers on board with you, and we promise you an exponential increase in your business. Configure your business around the most catchy and engaging graphic content possible through our help.

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High DABlogger Outreach

To have a rich guest posting army by your side is the foolproof way of turning your SEO dreams into reality. SEO is one of the least transparent gears of digital marketing, a niche, we excel at, thanks to our 10+ years of the professional journey. We are excited to offer you a helping hand to score the highest rankings in the google search query through our unmatched guest blogging services.

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