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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the technique used to enhance the number of visitors on a particular site with the help of certain tools. It is an art to influence search engines, for instance, Yahoo, Google, or Bing to present your products on the front in search engine ranking as being the most authentic and trusted ones. An SEO company keeps certain tasks into consideration that include high-quality, keyword-oriented content, and some other techniques. Few backlinks are also generated to refer to the details of the topic being discussed.

Every company long for the top spot when it comes to searching. SEO affects the algorithmic search engine results, exposes your brand, and assists in improving the overall rankings of a website in the non-paid region of the search. Algorithmic results, also known as free or organic results, are the ones that are shown on the topmost area of the results section just below the paid ones. Different researches prove that 95% of the clicks are endowed to the sites which stay higher up on the result page. Search engines want to show the most relevant and authentic results. So, if your webpage is authoritative and contains more links with other pages, chances are there that your site could hit the higher spot.

It is all about understanding what people want, what people search, and how people search. The best SEO services acknowledge all these questions that arise in the audience’s mind and deliver accordingly. Because acknowledging these questions is one thing, and to come up with the easiest and accessible results is another. People use different keywords, different terms, and even sometimes different phrases on their website pages to get spotted by the browser. So, optimized searchable content covers all these aspects in the first place.

What Does a Search Engine Base On

It is an answering machine that analyses, processes, and then evaluate the most relevant and suitable query one makes on the search bar. The search engine discovers and catalogs the data available on the internet by a process called, “crawling and indexing” and then rearranges this data in the order which best matches the words or terms being searched. This whole process is called ‘ranking’ on the search engine.

What Are Organic” Results?

Organic results are the ones that appear on the ranking list on their own and are not paid results. They usually appear below-paid ads. Usually, ten links are present below the ads. Nowadays, many new forms of organic results are in practice, for instance, boxes in which some of the answers are already shown for the questions being asked and the box contains other questions under the heading as ‘people also searched’. The links to the respective sites are also given under these boxes.

The type of organic results depends on the nature of the query that people put on. Google shows many formats of data about different niches accordingly.

For example, if someone asks for the weather of a particular region on the search engine, the weather description in the graphical or picture format would look the most engaging one instead of a bunch of names of websites providing this information. These appearances are now part of data presentation with the increased demand for versatility in data form.

On the other hand, if the location of a particular place is enquired, google map referring to that place is shown on the top, with the website names containing further information below the map.

Currency conversion or match scores are shown in the numerical form with links listed below for further information.

Why SEO is Crucial?

SEO is important because it brings you the bulk of online traffic. Several platforms like social media or paid advertisements carry traffic to the website, but the search engine brings the major part of it because it is the biggest source of generating online visits. Other means share a very short number of clicks. Research showed that out of the whole number of clicks by people in US searches, only about 2.8% were down to paid ads, while organic searches collected considerable traffic. So. SEO fetches about 20X more traffic to a site than other means combined.
SEO is the only means to bring continuous traffic to your site without any expenses. It provides profits for years and years. On the contrary side, other means demand constant funding. One thing that has to be kept into consideration is that it must be set up correctly to get the above-mentioned perks. As already discussed, a strong, to the point content, and precise keywords, add value regarding ranking in the search engine.
It also needs constant optimization of the content on the website to keep it on par with the current standards.

How does SEO Work?

Whenever you search something in the search bar, Google scans these particular words in the billions of pages available against it to get the best set of results that matches your search.

Here a question comes in mind, “what is the most relevant result according to Google”?

Its Google’s policy not to disclose the very workings through which it provides us the relevant results. However, based on Google’s statement and filed patents, we have formulated the following points Google’s ranking is based on.


The page must be completely associated with the researched keywords. So, when a specific word is searched on the search bar, google searches for the most appropriate results against it. Here comes the question, ‘what is the most relevant answer’? The most relevant answer is the one that offers quality content because most people like it.


To check the authority of the content, google measures the other links being attached to the website. The more links attached, the more authoritative site is, and it will be ranked higher accordingly.


But it is not only about the connection to the searched keywords and links attached. Usefulness is also important. How does google know the usefulness of a particular page? It is related to how well the data is arranged on the website.

For instance, a website may have a plethora of quality content but people may find it difficult to understand because it is not useful i.e. it is not written in a proper form. Points are unorganized and content is ambiguous. There is a clear difference between higher quality content and useful content.

Let’s take an example. There is a page written in which a lot of data has been stuffed and there is plenty of jargon that common people are unable to get. Despite being a quality content, it is not useful. Thus, it will fail to capture the higher rankings.

Contrary to this scenario, a page with data organized into distinct sections, relevant headings, and easy to understand language entertains more audience and is called useful content. Such content is shown higher than the former one.

The following two factors determine the utility of a page.

  • Bounce rate
  • Click-through rate

The bounce rate denotes the number of people visiting a page and then reverting to the google search bar. A high bounce rate shows that people didn’t find the desired information.

The bounce rate also depends on the type of page you are on. For example, if you are searching for a specific type of article, and even if you find a good one, shortly you will come back to SERPs to read more about it, and eventually bounce rate will go higher. If the website is about selling or purchasing products, you will probably spend more time looking for your favorite goods. You can consult your SEO consultant which could look into it and lower the bounce rate by adding some links of related attractive topics.

Click-through rate (CTR) is all about how much clicks your page gets. The more clicks you get on your page, the more chances are there for your page to be on the top. Because Google thinks your site best matches the query. If your page lacks catching snippets, your site is going to fall deep down. There is a constant need to revise the content on the site to make it more appealing to the audience.

User’s purpose and useful content

Google requires two things to match, user’s intent, and truly related content. Sometimes users search using words that are not completely accurate. One thing remains constant, i.e. people’s interest. People want to watch, listen, or read easy to comprehend content. Here search engine has two tasks to complete, to understand what the user is looking for, and what could be the best answer accordingly.

Local SEO can play its role in this situation by making search engines realize that their content is the best match to the question. An SEO agency, through its content, convinces google that their data is the most suitable one against that search.

Factors affecting On-page and Off-page SEO 

Quality of content matters when it comes to ranking, be it On-page or Of-page content. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of the types of content.

  • Articles and blogs
  • Videos or other visual content
  • Audios
  • Social media
  • Tutorials and how-to guides

As already mentioned, appropriate and to the point, key-words or phrases are necessary to come up as a top site. But there is another very important thing i.e. how fresh and updated your content is. It means how recently that data has been revised or rewritten and how often newly created data is posted. More data with better key-words will create more chances to be nominated by the search engine as a relevant one. These key-words are also added in the picture description or with a video if it is a part of the investigated subject.

Factors affecting the value of the On-page content.

  • Meta description

It helps the search engine understand better what that particular page is about. Human visitors also find it very easy to get the whole idea of the page.

  • Title heading

The use of H1, H2, etc. makes the content look organized and well written. The search engine picks up such content quickly. Titles should be interesting and catching rather than the old and repetitive.

  • Internal links and tags

Links and tags containing relevant data add more connected information to the already present data and thus enhance its worth.

People want quality content to know quickly and easily what product your company offers and search engine also prefers great content. Although this method is a bit hard working and time-consuming, it pays off big at the end.

What to avoid regarding SEO?

  • Excess of anything is bad. Over-use of a particular keyword does more harm than the good. So, use it occasionally so it may not look a misfit here and there.
  • Just focusing on ‘On-page content of your webpage is not enough, there must be some links or references on other sites as well to get more viewership. SEO marketing companies use this strategy with the help of social media and other such sources.
  • Considering SEO a one-time task to get a perpetual result is a big mistake. Usually, small businesses get affected by it more than the giant ones because the former has a limited range of products and thus fewer pages for description. Try to add more products to your business and more data about them expanding on more pages. In addition to that, people’s feedback does play a mega role in how you should construct your site. Keep a close eye on what people are saying in the feedback and remodel your site accordingly.
  • Ignoring what people ask and what people search is another blunder is this regard. Take a look at the ‘related searches’ and, ‘people also ask’ section to formulate your key-words. It will add numbers to the visiting audience.
  • Slow-loading websites are a mood killer. Also, it puts a bad impression on bounce rates. Google also monitors how quickly a site loads. Improve your site loading speed and get a better ranking.
  • Black hat strategies may provide you a temporary boost concerning the number of audiences, but this balloon will rupture sooner rather than later and online presence will drop massively because duplicate content, cloaking, and links of other sites with irrelevant material will be detected by google and eventually, your site will lose its credibility.

High DABlogger Outreach

With a guided and consistent SEO strategy, your website can get better rankings in search results over time, while getting more traffic and opportunities for making conversions which will be boosted through our guest blogging service.


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High DABlogger Outreach

With a guided and consistent SEO strategy, your website can get better rankings in search results over time, while getting more traffic and opportunities for making conversions which will be boosted through our guest blogging service.

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