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14 Tips To Attract More Customers From Your SEO Website in UAE

Do you recall the seventy-seven powerful strategies we disclosed to reinvigorate your UAE SEO website? Fasten your seatbelts, because this sequel is all about acquisition, with a focus on turning website visitors into paying clients. Revenue is still behind schedule. Never fear! To help you dominate the UAE market and increase your consumer base, we have selected 14 effective tactics. Stop wasting time and energy and start enjoying the rush of optimizing your website for maximum conversions; I’ll show you how to mine the acquisition goldmine for financial success.



Leverage Interactive Quizzes to Hook, Learn, Convert (Buzzfeed style)

  • Look, you need to engage your target audience and for that you must create irresistible and personality-driven quizzes that are closely related to your products and services. You must focus on the product you are offering or which celebrity will be interested in your service/product. Next you need to make a quiz and be very intelligent about it.
  • You must subtly embed brand messaging within the quiz questions. You can also add your product placements in the results. Once you get responses from your customers, you can then offer them personalized recommendations based on their responses.
  • Once you are done, you can save the email addresses of your engaged potential customers by offering some discounts or sending quiz results to their email. This creates targeted leads for future marketing efforts.



Improve YouTube SEO to Convert Views into Sales (GoPro approach)

  • It all starts with keywords. The best recipe is to find high-volume and low-competition keywords that are perfectly related to your products. Next, you have to check if your keywords are related to your target audience. You know these are the people who will be using these keywords to search you. Never forget them. OK, once this is out of the way, you need to optimize your titles, descriptions, and tags accordingly.
  • Content is king and this is why you should create engaging and informative videos that feature your products in action. This is very important, if people see your products or services in action they will know that you are the real deal and you know what your product or service is all about. For conversion, you need to Include clear calls to action that will direct your viewers to your website or sales page.
  • Try to make it easy for everyone and improve accessibility of your videos by adding captions and transcripts. This will make your content more visible, understandable and discoverable by a wider audience.

    Make The Ultimate Resource Hub To Attract, Educate, Acquire (HubSpot style)

  • Build a library of valuable resources like ebooks, white papers, blog posts, and case studies relevant to your target audience’s pain points.
  • Offer gated content like premium ebooks or exclusive case studies in exchange for email addresses, nurturing leads into qualified prospects.
  • Send drip email campaigns based on downloaded content, offering personalized product recommendations and educational resources relevant to their interests.

    Use Pinterest to Make a Visual Gateway to Customers (Etsy style)

  • Optimize product descriptions and board titles with relevant keywords and trending hashtags to increase discoverability within Pinterest searches.
  • Showcase your products in stunning, high-quality photos from various angles and in use. Create lifestyle-oriented images to inspire purchase.
  • Actively engage with other users, collaborate with influencers, and participate in relevant boards to build brand awareness and drive traffic.

    Conduct Industry Expert Webinars to Boost Credibility, Trust, Acquisition (Shopify style)

  • Collaborate with prominent figures in your field to bring your target audience educational webinars covering subjects that are directly related to their requirements.
  • For maximum engagement and lead generation, host live webinars featuring question and answer sessions. Make the webinar recording available as on-demand content to reach more people.
  • As a lead magnet and follow-up, you can provide webinar registrants with special access to resources or discounts. Depending on their interests and how engaged they were during the webinar, follow up with registered leads with targeted email sequences.

    Landing Pages Tailored to Your Location: Hyperlocal SEO (Yelp style)

Design landing pages tailored to each of your company’s physical locations. Make use of regionally relevant keywords and phrase the meta descriptions and body material to appeal to local searchers.

Get your company higher up in local search results so people looking for services like yours may discover you more easily.

To turn local searchers into paying clients, your landing page should have obvious calls to action like “Book an Appointment” or “Get a Quote,” and it should also gather leads immediately from the page.

Specialty Podcast Ads: Directed Viewing (Squarespace-style)

Find podcasts whose listeners’ demographics are quite similar to your ideal clients’. Promote your products and services by endorsing related shows and episodes.

Create compelling sponsored material that speaks to podcast listeners without being obtrusive; this will help promote your company and its value proposition in a subtle way.

Make use of tracking tools and discount codes to keep tabs on how well your sponsorship is doing and see how it affects things like website traffic and customer acquisition.

Insights, Thought Leadership, and Original Research (in the spirit of OkCupid’s blog)

Create and disseminate informative data reports or unique research that pertains to your industry and audience. Provide complimentary insightful analysis and commentary.

Blog entries, social media, and guest posts in UAE are just a few ways to spread the word about your research. Gain credibility as an authority in your field and start receiving high-quality leads.

To attract potential clients interested in your services, you can provide opt-in forms or gated material downloads that are connected to the research.

  1. Learn New Skills and Foster Customer Loyalty with Free Certifications and Courses (HubSpot Academy Style)

Create a free online certification or course that relates to your specialty or the abilities that your goods and services assist in developing. Give away free instructional content that is valuable in and of itself.

Take use of these classes to teach and guide prospective buyers, earning their confidence and loyalty long before they make a purchase.

Incorporate opt-in forms or calls to action into the courses to generate leads and upsell them on paid courses or premium services once they finish.

  1. Start Reddit AMAs for Direct Engagement with Niche Communities just like Bill Gates 
  • First things first, you need to identify very active subreddits that are relevant to your niche. These should be places where your target audience is very active and regularly participates. Here you can learn about their interests, concerns, and other preferred communication styles.
  • The next thing that you have to do is to craft an amazing AMA title and description. In it you will highlight your expertise and show how you are the best person to ask questions and get genuine answers. You must actively engage with users and provide them insightful responses to win their trust.
  • You know your answers are valuable because the information you are providing is something that cannot be found on Google. This is why you should encourage upvotes for your answers and use Reddit awards to boost your visibility. Once you are established as an authority you can easily capture leads through opt-in forms. You can also direct users to your website for exclusive content and this way you can boost your traffic too.
  1. Try an SEO-Focused PR Campaign just like Airbnb 
  • Make sure you have a newsworthy story about your brand or related to your industry. Next, you need to align it with current trends or events. You must pitch this story to interested journalists or online websites that your target audience reads.
  • You can’t fathom the power of backlinks in SEO. Guest Posting Services and Link Insertion Services as provided by DevBoat Technologies help businesses secure backlinks from high-authority websites. These are done through earned media placements. The backlinks acquired improve your website’s SEO ranking and helps you get organic traffic from interested customers.
  • Remember, positive media coverage boosts your brand awareness and marks your brand as a very credible source within an industry which in turn attracts new customers who are searching for reliable solutions online.

    Like BuzzFeed, Conduct Facebook Live Q&A Sessions

  • Here’s another way you can turn online people into customers. People are looking for answers on Facebook too and you can easily schedule regular Facebook Live Q&A sessions for them. The topics that you should cover must be relevant to your target audience. During the live session, encourage your audience to make live questions and comments which will help you create a dynamic experience.
  • If you are not interested in Q&A sessions, we recommend that you go for product demonstrations. Customer testimonials can also come in handy to boost confidence in your product or service. Things like special offers during the live session to showcase your value proposition always help you convert viewers into customers if done the right way.

In the live session you are generating valuable content so record your live sessions and then repurpose them as on-demand video content that can be published as YouTube shorts, or Instagram reels. It will broaden your reach for sure.

Make a Guest Posting Strategy Just Like Moz 

Guest posting really comes in handy when you are trying to get new customers on your website organically. Here you need to iIdentify high-traffic blogs within your business niche and make sure that these websites have complementary audiences. To get your article posted on these websites you need to reach out to their editors. If they like what you propose and find valuable insights and solutions in your article, they will publish it for free. If you want to save yourself from all the hassle, you can contact us: or visit DevBoat Technologies.We will give you a list of relevant websites to choose from and once you have decided your websites, we can get your articles published. If you don’t have any articles written, we can write them for you. 

Just Like Amazon, Try To Optimize Product Pages for Search Intent 

  • Start with the keyword research and do it thoroughly to identify high-volume, keywords that are relevant to your target audience. What this means are the words your customers use to search for products like yours. You must embed these keywords naturally across your product page titles, descriptions, and explanatory content.
  • The next thing you have to do is to write a clear, concise, and informative product copy. This description should address user search intent and other buying concerns that your customers may have. You must include very high-quality product images or explanatory videos that showcase different features and uses.
  • With that done, we recommend that you implement product schema markup for rich snippets in search results. Your customer reviews and testimonials will build trust and social proof to other potential buyers and influence their purchase decisions. This will result in you making more sales with your SEO website in UAE.

These were 14 tips that you can do to make more sales in the UAE. Stay tuned for more such articles and if you are looking for high quality Guest Posting Services in UAE, just give us a call at +971 582 871635.

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